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Name: Lyndsey
Age: 18
Location: Worcester, MA.
Height: 5'6

Genre: so many.
Favorite Bands: Robbie Williams, The Darkness (cat suits what), Frank Sinatra and Elvis Presley.
Best Show Attended (why!): 12-19-01, motha fuckas. Meaghan Pauli, Meghan Pratt, Mrs. Doherty and fucking Good Charlotte.
Hated Bands: None really come to mind.

Favorite Store: TJ Maxx what.
Hated Store: Marshalls for the odor.
Are you a scenester? Why? If the scene is your mom's bed, then hell fuckin' yeah.
Do you own a belt buckle? Is it on a white belt? No ma'am..

Why should you be accepted? Because Meaghan and I are like this: X .. and i love her.
Do you own a pink bandana? I do, but I use it to clean up your mom's jizz. sorry.
Do you shake it like a polaroid or do you bring the mosh? Shake it like a polaroid, but I'm pretty sure that shakin' a polaroid doesn't make the photo develop any faster.
Thoughts on The Cheat!: I don't know shit about The Cheat. Only what Meaghan has told me and all the hotass pictures I've seen at photobucket care of Meaghan.

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