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New to the maxx

Name: Casey (A.K.A. KC)
Age: Sixteen
Location: Newton, MA
Height: 5'5

Genre: Indie & Emo
Favorite Bands: The Early November, Brand New, Mates of State
Best Show Attended (why!): The Early November on March 25th at the Matrix in Boston because I was front row the entire night and met Sergio afterwards.
Hated Bands: Godsmack

Favorite Store: Urban Outfitters
Hated Store: Weathervane
Are you a scenester? Why? Of course, because I fuckin' own.
Do you own a belt buckle? Is it on a white belt? No I'm way too cool for a belt buckle.

Why should you be accepted? Because Rinnie and Meggi (and Emily) are my Myspace friends.
Do you own a pink bandana? Nope, but I have a red one that is too cool for school.
Do you shake it like a polaroid or do you bring the mosh? I bring the mosh!
Thoughts on The Cheat!: They r00l, and I have the same Ciao Roma! shirt as Lianne.

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