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Name: Allegra Aurelia
Age: 15 as of 43 minutes ago.
Location: Franklin, Massachusetts
Height: she towers at a whopping 5'2 <3

Genre: hardcore, old rock, some unclassifiables and indie.

Favorite Bands: MODEST MOUSE, Black Eyes, Love Like…Electrocution, RJD2, Black Heart Procession, Against Me!, Al Green, Interpol, The Smiths, Bo Diddley, Sick Lipstick, The Mars Volta ( I liked ATDI better <3 ), Comeback Kid, Spoon,Thursday, Q and not U, Cursive, Fugazi, Camera Obscura, Billy Joel, Murder By Death, Joy Division, Piebald, Jedi Mind Tricks,The Doors, Benton Falls, Mineral, Pedro The Lion, As I Lay Dying, get Hustle, American Nightmare, The Faint, An Albatross,

Best Show Attended (why!):
Aretha Franklin at the Orpheum(SP?) when I when I was 8 years old. This was my first taste of live music and even though it’s not the scene-est answer that woman has a voice that could knock you the fuck out and more stage presence than any performer I’ve ever seen.

Hated Bands: I’m going to take a stab in the dark and say…Creed. And all the bands that sound like the singer is having heart palputations.

Favorite Store: H&M and 12 car Pileup ( a little thrifter in Baltimore).

Hated Store: RAVEgirl. Without a doubt.

Are you a scenester? Why? I wouldn't consider myself a scenester, although I'd consider myself in the scene ( music choice and selection mostly ). Not all scene kids are the skinny little black hair, labret pierced hot fucks you see standing off at shows.

Do you own a belt buckle? Is it on a white belt? I do not own a belt buckle, but I own a few white belts.

Why should you be accepted? Because I got invited a few months ago ( when I was 14 ), told them I'd apply when I was 15 and here I go. Wish me a Happy Birthday today, kids. AND because I get my tonsils out today as well.

Do you own a pink bandana? hell yes, and one in nearly every other color.

Do you shake it like a polaroid or do you bring the mosh? ohh I do admit I bring the mosh, but shaking my shit is just as fun.

Thoughts on The Cheat!: If someone would send me a file, I would gladly take a listen. I feel a little deprived.

birthday kisses with no make up on. love it.

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