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stamped...only today!!!

new hurr. this is kind of a lot of pics...hope you don't mind.

i wanna know what you think!!!!
sorry this gets kind of long-winded after awhile. but see, i posted these seperately in my other communities but since i only JUST got accepted i thought i'd catch you all up. :D

<3, your new friend Amber

oh i lied this first one is me a long time ago with greasy hair and one HUGE eye. but i still think its cool because this is my attitude about everything.

set 1: immediate post-haircut

the side

the other side [please excuse the retarded face i am making]

front [wierd lips]

front, tuff guy look. grrr! tuff guy!!!

set 2: wednesday night...i hated this night and was bored and in a bad mood.

addiction. [note: i hope you all do not start hating me just because i smoke. really, my heart is not as black as my lungs. i like it, i dunno. i know i'm gonna get lung cancer. just...i dont know. please dont hate me...this is my plea]

isnt this face just so easy to make when a camera is pointed at you?

my cool jcrew glasses that my best friend stole for me. i wear them inside because i have a complex and must look cool at all times.

i was sitting like this because i am 5 and when i dont get my way [i couldnt see my boyfriend that night] i have to sit like this. also i was wearing a skirt so anybody sitting underneath my desk would have gotten a show. [nobody was.]

i really think my eyes are cool. other people say they are too. i dont mean to sound conceited i just know that my eyes and lips and stomach are my strongest assets, shallow-cunt-face-looks-wise.

my best friend larkyn and i, showing how bad our moods were. we had a chant [stolen from the cosby show] "we dont like the day! we cant stand the night! we really hate to play! all we do is fight! and we'll do it in your FACE!" and that is what we were chanting.

"set" 3: color version of the one pic i had in my application that i just found:

set 4: parents webcam, saturday. their webcam is even worse and fuzzier than mine.

if you look behind me, my dad is doing a wierd dance hehee. and oh yeah THAT IS A REAL SMILE SPECIMEN WHICH YOU DONT SEE OFTEN. its a real smile not a fake elJay one hehe.

now my dad is threatening to uh choke me. he's a sillyheadfacebrain. and i am afraid that i make that face FAR too often in real life, too.

here i am thinking that i wish my hair always flipped out this cutely, but it only does right after a shower. also my dad in the background in his red beanie making me dinner.

also, i have some artsy pics of me in my underwear fake shooting up heroin that larkyn took...i dont know if i should post them here though, its kind of mostly crotch shots haha [no nudity though whoa!] and i dont know if thats appropriate? somebody tell me if it is or not and i'll post them. i'm 18 so. its legal. anyway.
EDIT: okay i got the go-ahead. so here you go.
note: i am sitting wierd, so my torso looks all squished, in actuality it is long, i know the belt isnt tight enough, but i am also "shooting up" with a broken-in-half charcoal pencil so...also, i am really comfortable with my body so if you're gonna say i'm too fat/skinny...i'm already where i like my body to be and i'm not gonna change it so. [i doubt any of you are that mean though]. also, that is not my snatch that you can almost see, its definitely my big ass peeking through.
here goes.

oh snapdragons! i told you there were crotch shots hahaha. anyway. /EDIT

yeah so this was way too long. if you looked at it all i'm proud, and you are awesome. what do you think? please be honest?
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