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emilygalante invited moi.

courtney paige downes
Age: 15. also, my birthday is in.....13 days, and i'm excited.
Location: ontario, canada.
Height: 5'7

Genre: indie rock, low-fi, some hardcore and emo. and I also love, if you will, "trip-hop". the crazy instrumental beat shit, such as four tet.
Favorite Bands: aloha, modest mouse, built to spill, texas is the reason, pelican, neutral milk hotel, four tet, the cure, the weakerthans, desert city soundtrack, i have dreams, sunny day real estate
Best Show Attended (why!): There have been plenty. The most recent would have to be either the Moneen show (it was so, so fun..) or the Raising the Fawn cd release, with Sleepersetsail, and others. Just because Raising the Fawn is amazing.
Hated Bands: brand new, yellowcard. and of course, I'll add in the cliche "good charlotte, simple plan, etc."

Favorite Store: Value Village, Wal-Mart (mhmm) and Out of the Past. Cherry bomb is also pretty sweet, although it's expensive as hell.
Hated Store: I hate plenty of stores. Mostly expensive ones that I wish I could afford.
Are you a scenester? Why? you bet your buttons, I'm as scene as it gets. (no. not really.)
Do you own a belt buckle? Is it on a white belt? I do not own a belt buckle, although i used to have a jack daniels one, which dissapeared on me. I did not wear it on a white belt.

Why should you be accepted?
I am a fun person. I make fun/enjoyable to read posts, and comments. I'll be active, and probably invite people here, so that there's more people and what not.
Do you own a pink bandana? yes, that I do.
Do you shake it like a polaroid or do you bring the mosh? depends on my mood, if I'm in one of those sweet crazy moods, I definately bring the mosh. Oo baby.
Thoughts on The Cheat!: I have honestly never heard of them. I looked them up, but got nothing but a few video game cheats, and some sappy "cheating happens in life, alot of us go through it" shit. If someone is willing to send me a song, if it really matters that much,  I'd gladly tell you what my oppinion is.

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