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Apply twice daily.

I have little bbq tofu on my lip.


Name: Alexander
Age: 17
Location: Melrose, MA...close to Boston.
Height: I am going to say 5'8" but I haven't checked in quite some time.

Genre: I am a fan of metal \m/, hadd coah (Boston style), prog, j-pop, straight up rock, emotional, Andrew W.K. (yeah he gets his own genre).
Favorite Bands: Andrew W.K.::The Bronx::Danzig::Everytimeidie::The Mars Volta::Older Santana::Cave In::Shai Halud::Piece Mail::The Casket Lottery::With Honor::Bane::Evergreen Terrace::Converge::Cursive::Darkest Hour::Piebald
Best Show Attended (why Ok..its a throw down between..
Piebald & Cave In.It rocked hard because it is the two bands that I love a lot and it was at the Andover Town Hall, it looked like I was seeing them at my high school auditorium, Piebald played a couple new songs, and Cave In played "juggernaut" and they have not played any old stuff for quite some time and it frigging ruled. It was just really intimate and rocking.
Andrew W.K.It took 3 hours to get to the venue. We waited another hour for him to play. It was completely worth it. He played all the fucking rockingest songs and I was up on stage with him during "party hard". Afterwards he talked with me for a good 15 mins and instead of just signing his name he wrote me a note about life and how to live it. Also, I talked to his drummer about when he was in Obituary and he gave me some pointers on how to survive on a tour with a low budget. That show was just amazing.

Hated Bands: Damage Plan.I am only going to put that because every time I think that they used to be Pantera I get way more mad than when I started off.

Favorite Store: Melrose Army & Navy Store. Its my store so I guess I like it best.
Hated Store: Express. Only for the fact that I am positive the employees are paid not to help.
Are you a scenester? Why? "I hope so...or this white studded belt is not doing the trick." That’s what I originally wrote...then I looked at the next question and laughed....I guess I am more of a dork than anything. If comic collections are scene than count me in.
Do you own a belt buckle? Is it on a white belt? I own a few belt buckles and they are usually on a brown leather belt I stole from work. I try to get one from every state I have been to. I have 1.

Why should you be accepted? Someone told me to apply. I imagine they think I am good enough. So why not!
Do you own a pink bandana? Are they cool now? I am behind the times I am still busy becoming edge and breaking it.
Do you shake it like a polaroid or do you bring the mosh? I am a horrible dancer all around. So I would say I bring the guy who stands there and finger points.
Thoughts on The Cheat "Oh no, the king of town is going to eat the chort!" I heart the Thnikkaman more than any of the characters.


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