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people tell me to apply. i just can't say no.

Name: Amber
Age: 18
Location: Greensboro/Charlotte, NC
Height: 5'10.

Genre: uhmmmmmmmm.i dont really have a favorite genre. just look at my bands and see.
Favorite Bands: the decemberists, eisley, elbow, bright calm blue, cowboys become folk heroes, VAST, Muse, city of caterpillar, iron&wine, denali, engine down, a silver mt. zion, the fire theft, the yeah yeah yeahs[sorry, but karen O's voice is hot, sorry], clikatat ikatowi, moss icon, and about a billion more.
Best Show Attended (why!): The Necessary at Ace's Basement because they were just acoustic and their music filled my throat with tears and my heart with happiness. and the two opener bands stayed the night with us and we all got drunk and it was a smashing time.
Hated Bands: AFI and HIM. are the only ones i can think of now.

Favorite Store: I don't know...Kohls? Boris&NAtasha? Valu Village? Express?
Hated Store: Old NAvy. their shit doesnt fit right.
Are you a scenester? Why? absoLUTELY not. i decided a long time ago that i am tired of hardcore music. why listen to some guy screaming about how you shouldnt do drugs and shouldnt eat animals when you can listen to a boy or a girl singing about petticoats and circus performers and mermaid sea kings and youth and beauty brigades and beautiful things, like the Decemberists and Eisley do? why listen to people racked with hatred when you can listen to people who love things as well as people and dont just talk about broken hearts? also, why pay money to go to a show when really everyone there is just going to scrutinize your outfit or label you 'uncool' because you missed UBERCOOLBANDOFTHEMOMENTS big show at Tremont? it was cool when i was in high school but now its boooooriiiing. [besides, the only perk was scenester boys in girly clothes and i have a boy now so the perk has been ruined for me]
Do you own a belt buckle? Is it on a white belt? three. a skull and crossbones, a skull with lots of other skulls, and a pistol with a rhinestone handle...i have never owned a white belt but i do have a hot pink vinyl one.

Why should you be accepted? you dont have to if you dont want to, i mean its not the fucking end of the world, i'm already in a billion rating communities, but i mean. you DID invite me.
Do you own a pink bandana? uhh no. though if i did, i would wear it in my hair. NOT neatly folded in my back pocket. [i saw a swarm of 8 year old sceneyboppers at the mall the other day, all with identical skull and crossbone Hot Topic bandannas in their Gap size 2s. it was kind of sickening]
Do you shake it like a polaroid or do you bring the mosh? obviously, i shake it like a polaroid.
Thoughts on The Cheat!: i know a lively fellow, who's really quite unique......and i forget the rest. um. its the sneak, its the sneak.

i apologize in advance, but my webcam obviously doesnt want me to be in any rating communities and so fails to take pictures that do not have the grainy quality of a film reel from the 1920s.

[this is the quintessential photo of me; i am wearing a 19th century urchin cap (im obsessed with 19th century urchins), and drinking a dr pepper, and making that face which i really do make quite often, even when a camera is not pointed at me]

i smile.

now go! vote! i release you of my binding application spell! you're free! go go!
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