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Name: Will
Age: 17
Location: Tallahassee, FL
Height: 5'10"

Genre: None.
Favorite Bands: The Weakerthans, Bob Dylan, I Have Dreams, Dizzee Rascal, Songs: Ohia, Miles Davis, Cap'n Jazz, Discordance Axis.
Best Show Attended (why!): Radiohead@The Gorge, WA. Radiohead does a lot of cool stuff live that you don't hear on CD. And the Gorge Amphitheater is a really nice setting with the Columbia River behind it.
Hated Bands: Most hardcore bands, The Postal Service, and Mudvayne.

Favorite Store: At the moment, American Eagle.
Hated Store: I know it's cliche, but Hot Topic.
Are you a scenester? Why? I used to play in a melodic hardcore band and go to shows, but I quit; now I'm just a burnout who likes Led Zeppelin. You decide.
Do you own a belt buckle? Is it on a white belt? No and no.

Why should you be accepted? I play in a metal band.
Do you own a pink bandana? Nope.
Do you shake it like a polaroid or do you bring the mosh? Dancing is stupid. Although I would mosh for Reflux.
Thoughts on The Cheat!: I don't know what that is.

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